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Arapacana Press is a book publishing house focusing on the genealogy research and writings of John R. Mayer. His Extraneus series of books concentrates on genealogies of the following surnames:
Strange, Extraneus, le Strange, L'Estrange, de Lestrange,
Alloway Strange,
Strang, Strong, Stronge, and d'Estreng

John R. Mayer was a noted genealogist and author who suffered an untimely death in 1998.  At that time, much of his lifetime of genealogy research work was yet to be published.  Over the past 20 years, Arapacana Press has published hardcover limited editions of most of his books making them available to genealogy libraries and individual genealogists. In 2016, the books were made available as .pdf files.

* * * Important Update * * *

November 2019 -- Book prices further reduced!

The Extraneus books have just been substantially reduced in price and shipping within the U.S.A. hasn't increased very much. Unfortunately the cost of shipping to Canada and overseas has increased so you may not see much change in the total cost to ship to those destinations.

We will not be printing any more hardcover editions of any of the books in the Extraneus series. Three of the hardcover books are already out of print and the other four are in very short supply. The remaining books are being offered at clearance prices. (For the time being, .pdf files will continue to be available.)

Books still available:
Book V, Strange of Eastern America (only 2 copies left)
Volume II, Le Strange of Anglia and Eire
Book IX, Strange of Balcaskie (only 1 copy left)
Book XI, Strange of Blisland

Also, we have relocated to 11739 Townsquare Blvd, Rockford, Michigan 49341.


"We are about to embark on a journey through nine centuries.  Our names, faces, and places are unimportant in an ultimate sense.  As humanity progresses through time and space in a continual struggle toward perfection, we study the fortunes and sorrows of others, aiming to find prosperity and avoid demise.  This is a history of the Strange family from 999 to 1998.  We shall explore the manor house and park at Hunstanton Hall, Norfolk, and examine places elsewhere Stranges have lived, such as France, Scotland, Ireland, and America.

This study documents the history of over thirty generations of a family called Strange.  The le Strange or L’Estrange family was the most celebrated and well-known branch of this family, and they lived principally at Hunstanton Hall, an estate in Norfolk, England.  Several other families emigrated to other parts of Great Britain and to foreign countries.  The narrative here is not intended to extol nor praise the accomplishments of these families.  We shall examine both the good and bad characteristics of these people.  In a broader and more important sense, this story will illustrate the evolutionary and historical pageant of Anglo-Saxon and Norman peoples, from medieval to modern times, hopefully without bias.

. . . With an emphasis on architecture, art, literature, and the humanities, we will view the changing world through many eyes.  Having acquired spatial dominance through their ownership of land, and temporal prominence through their succession of heirs, certain Stranges were fortunate enough to achieve a comfortable position in society, from which vantage point they were privileged to engage in several mental pursuits, such as politics, religion, jurisprudence, military service, journalism, and writing—the disciplines that control so many features of this world.

Humans aim to understand and control the space around them, the time before them, and the mind inside them.  The Strange chronicles give us one enchanting view of this struggle for achievement and enlightenment."

John R. Mayer, Extraneus, Vol. I, Book I, "Le Strange of Middle Britain"


March 2016
A .PDF file is now available for each of the Extraneus books.

January 2011

Extraneus, Volume I-A, Le Strange of Britain and Aquitaine published.

Le Strange of Britain and Aquitaine is a sweeping thousand-year tale of ‘Strange’ lives intertwined with English and American history.


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